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Saül Gómez Soler was born in Ontinyent (Valencia, Spain) in 1982. He is a senior music professor and he has a Degree in Percussion and Composition by the “Conservatorio Superior de Música Joaquín Rodrigo”. He also has a Degree in Orchestral Conducting by the “Conservatorio Superior de Música” of Liceo de Barcelona. He studied band conduction in the ISEB in Trento (Italy) with Jean Coober, Felix Hauswith, Carlo Pirola and Franco Cesarini.

He has directed different band formations, both in Spain and in different parts of Europe (Salzburg, Innsbruck, Prague, Berlin, Munich…).

Currently, he is the director of the “Associació Artístico Musical d’Oliva” and “Santa Cecilia de Castalla” bands and he is also the director of the “Orquesta Sinfónica Caixa Ontinyent”. He combines this work with teaching as a professor of orchestra in the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts of the Generalitat Valenciana.

He has conducted several international soloists, such as the brass quintet “Spanish Brass Luur Metalls”; the soprano Francesca Calero or the tenor Ricardo Bernal; the clarinettist Jose Franc Ballester; the pianists Juan Lago and Pablo Zinger; the trumpeters Luis González and Pacho Flores; the tuba player David Llàcer; or the violinist Vasko Vasilev, among others.

We can find his works published by Piles and Molenaar.

He regularly participates as a judge in various composition and performance competitions, and his music is recorded on CD by different groups.

He has received several commissions including: obligatory piece at the International Band Competition of Valencia 2015, chamber music week of the RTVE orchestra, obligatory piece for the percussion competition Percute 2016. At the same time, he has been commissioned by prestigious soloists such as José Franch or the duo Madrid Okho.

He has received several awards and honours, like the Honorary Mention by the “Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Ontinyent”.

Since 2013 he is a member of the “Academia de la Música de Valencia” as well as a member also of the Association of Composers COSICOVA. Is member of the Grammy’s academy.

Currently, his work focuses on the audiovisual world in Spain and the United States.

He has received different nominations in the audiovisual field, among which there are three to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and another one to the Jerry Goldsmith Awards.

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2000- 2010

  • 2003: Premio Argelaga a la persona con mejor proyección; premio concedido por los periodistas de la Vall d’Albaida (Valencia)
  • 2007: Premio Euterpe a la mejor composición de música para la fiesta con la obra Adalil.
  • 2008: Premio Joan Baptista Basset a la aportación a la cultura concedido por ACPV.
  • 2009: Premio de música de moros y cristianos Francesc Cerdà de l’Olleria por la obra Inarpa
  • 2009: Premio del público en el certámen de música de moros y cristianos Francesc Cerdà de l’Olleria

2011- 2019

  • 2011: Primer Premio y Mención de Honor en el concurso de Composición Poble de Muro con la obra Lament
  • 2011: Primer Premio y Mención de Honor en el certamen Internacional de bandas de música de Altea.
  • 2013: segundo premio en el "Concurso Nacional de Composición de Marchas Procesionales Ciudad de Toledo"
  • 2013: PREMIO EUTERPE a la mejor grabación con el Cercle Musical Primitiva d'Albaida con el cd "Llenguatge Universal".
  • 2016: Premi Passet a Passet de Cocentaina
  • 2016: 3r premio en el Certamen Internacional de Valencia de 2016 Sección de Honor

It is Silver badge of Ontinyent C.F. And of the Society of Festeros of the Santísimo Christ of the Agony of Ontinyent.

In 2010 he received the Honorable Mention of the Excellency City Council of Ontinyent.


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